Kinefinity Terra 6k Basic Pack with Kinemount (without lens adaptor)

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  • Kinefinity Terra 6k Basic Pack with Kinemount (without lens adaptor)


Kinefinity Terra 6k Basic Pack with Kinemount (without lens adaptor)

1 in stock
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  • Pre-Order your TERRA Basic Package today - ETA within 30 days from order.

     Contact us for hand-on demo of the Terra 6K with Active EF w/ Kineenhancer - Available for hire!

    TERRA, Cinema Camera with high performance, while easy to be used like DSLR for video shooting. Create, No Boundaries.

    Start to shoot videos as soon as you attach a lens to TERRA! Employing S35 frame CMOS sensor, it can record up to 5K or 6K resolution; 4K slow-mo up to 100fps, 2K slow-mo up to 200fps. ProRes422HQ (.mov) and lossless compressed RAW (.krw) can be recorded in-camera on 2.5″ SSD directly, so TERRA speeds up post-workflow greatly if using ProRes and also keeps max room for grading if using lossless RAW (.krw).

    KineMOUNT (max flexibility): KineMOUNT provides enough possibility due to its short FFD. New KineMOUNT is re-designed to be light with electronic contact (active) in order to support PL mounting adapter with /i tech and new cordless EF mounting adapter. For max flexibility, KineMOUNT is best choice, and more mounting adapters with different functions will be introduced in the future.

    TERRA, Smallest, Cine Camera with high performance, easy to be used like DSLR.

    The Basic Pack includes essential parts: 5″ FullHD KineMON, new SideGrip with multi-function, GripBAT 45Wh package (2x batteries and 1x charger), and one 7mm KineMAG 500GB.

    Native mount: KineMOUNT: please choose the Mounting Adapters for your lenses (No adapter is included in any TERRA package).

    TERRA 6K is in production with backorder date 2~4 weeks;

    Start to shoot videos as soon as you attach a lens to TERRA!

    Compared with TERRA professional package:


    Specification of Terra 6K

    Image Format Format Resolution max fps@KineRAW max fps@ProRes
    S35 6K HD 5760x3240 30 30
    6K HD Wide 5760x2400 30 40
    4K HD (Oversample) 3840x2160 N/A 30
    4K HD Wide  (Oversample) 3840x1600 N/A 40
    4K HD (HiSpeed) 3840x2160 75 75
    4K HD Wide (HiSpeed) 3840x1600 100 100
    Golden 3K 2880x1620 30 30
    Golden 3K Wide 2880x1200 40 40
    M4/3 4.3K 4:3 Anamorphic 4320x3240 30 30
    4K 4:3 Anamorphic 4096x3072 30 30
    4K 4096x2160 44 44
    4K Wide 4096x1716 56 56
    4K HD 3840x2160 44 44
    4K HD Wide 3840x1600 60 60
    3K HD (HiSpeed) 2880x1620 115 115
    3K HD Wide (HiSpeed) 2880x1200 150 150
    Golden 2.2K Ana 2176x1620 30 30
    Golden 2K Ana 2048x1536 30 30
    Golden 2K 2048x1080 44 44
    Golden 2K Wide 2048x860 54 54
    Golden 2K HD 1920x1080 44 44
    Golden 2K HD Wide 1920x800 60 60
    S16 3K 3072x1620 59 59
    3K Wide 3072x1280 75 75
    3K HD 2880x1620 59 59
    3K HD Wide 2880x1200 75 75
    2K (HiSpeed) 2048x1080 170 170
    2K Wide (HiSpeed) 2048x800 225 225
    2K HD (HiSpeed) 1920x1080 170 170
    2K HD Wide (HiSpeed) 1920x800 225 225
    16mm 2K 2048x1080 88 88
    2K Wide 2048x860 110 110
    2K HD 1920x1080 88 88
    2K HD Wide 1920x800 118 118

    Note: Frame Rate can be adjusted as 6~MAX fps, step accuracy of 0.001fps.

    Camera Type S35mm Film-Style Digital Cinema Camera
    Sensor Type 6K S35 Format CMOS
    Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
    Lens Mount New Lock-Style EF Mount/Ti Alloy PL Mount/Ti Alloy KineMOUNT
    Record Formats Codec Type Codec Format Bit Depth
    Compressed Lossless KineRAW .krw 12bits *All Resolution
    ProRes422HQ/422/422LT/Proxy .mov 10bits *Major Resolution
    Record Resolution 6K 4K(4:3*) Golden 3K Golden 2K
    5760x3240 4320x3240/4096x2160 2880x1620 2048x1080
    MAX FPS 30@6K 100@4K Wide 150@3K Wide 225@2K Wide
    Dynamic Range 14 f-stops/16 f-stops *6K/Golden 3K
    ISO Max Exposure Base MAX
    80 800/1600 20480 *6K/Golden 3K
    Shutter Angle 0.7°~358°
    Monitoring KineMON Port x1 HD Port x1 SDI x2
    1080p/720p 1080p/720p 1080p/720p *SDI applicable on KineBACK
    Sync Function Tally, AutoSlate, Beeper, Trigger, SMPTE LTC, 3D/Multi-cam Sync *Applicable on KineBACK
    LUT Preset: Neutral/Flat, Support Custom LUT
    Record Media 2.5' SSD with x1 Slot
    Audio Capture In-camera MIC; 3.5mm MIC-in; KineAudio* with 48V Phantom Power XLR *Applicable on KineBACK
    Power DC IN Consumption
    6~19V/KineGrip/Bat Mount* 21W *Applicable on KineBACK
    Weight (Body,g) 990(EF mount) *Only Body, no Accessories
    Size (WxHxL, mm) 115x110x95(KineMOUNT)/115x110x120(EF) *Without projections
    Operating Temp 0°C to +40°C


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