Connex ProSight HD Vision FPV Kit

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  • Connex ProSight HD Vision FPV Kit


Connex ProSight HD Vision FPV Kit

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    Introducing the CONNEX ProSight HD FPV Vision Kit for Drone Racing featuring digital, HD FPV.

    Have you ever wished you could fly real-time FPV in High Definition with a mini FPV racer? Of course you have.

    CONNEX is changing the game in FPV racing. Connex will take FPV drone racing to a new era. Despite its fast growing popularity, FPV drone racing has been dogged by some technical challenges limiting wider spread adoption.

    Connex addresses those head-on with mind-blowing realism and accuracy in video transmission and vision. Think analog to digital TV. Dial-up to fiber optic. That's what we're talking about. The sport will never be the same. 



    • 720p30 HD Camera, with high-dynamic range sensor and 2.8mm lens
    • Receiver Unit outputs standard 720p60 over HDMI for reducing motion blur
    • Compatible with all popular HDMI based Goggles/Monitors
    • Digitally paired transmitter to receiver for crosstalk-free flight
    • Supported LOS range of 1000ft to 3000ft (300m to 1000m) varies with field conditions
    • Advanced frequency setup for multi-pilots: Automatic & Manual modes, supporting 27 digital channels (FCC)
    • System configuration via Bluetooth using Android/iOS app or through built-in on-screen display menu
    • Advanced High Definition spectator viewing mode
    • Camera to HDMI receiver-out maximum latency of 26mS 

    CONNEX™ ProSight is the missing link needed to usher in a new era in FPV racing. Plagued by analog systems’ poor image quality, and connectivity issues in multi-pilot scenarios, the sport needs a breakthrough to take it to the next level. 
    CONNEX ProSight is just that, transforming FPV drones into a completely new kind of immersive experience for beginners and experts alike.

    The Connex ProSight HD Vision Pack is a true game changer. It delivers unparalleled vision performance with delay-free wireless transmission. Its superior image quality combined with ease of installation, smooth configuration and improved multi-pilot flying experience that provide unmatched usability.

    Delay free FPV HD Camera

    The CONNEX ProSight HD camera is optimized for both indoor & outdoor flights, featuring advanced High-Dynamic-Range sensor, allowing 720P delay-free crystal clear video

    Delay-Free HD Transmitter

    The CONNEX ProSight transmitter supports delay-free uncompressed all-digital HD transmission. Optimized for multi-pilot FPV Racing, providing fully immersive flight experience

    Robust Digital HD Receiver

    The CONNEX ProSight ground receiver unit provides a robust digital link over the 5GHz band. Its HDMI interface, compatible with all popular HDMI goggles & screens in the market.


    Specifications (Transmitter)

    • Dimensions: 70x36.5x7.2mm
    • Weight: 32gr
    • Input voltage: 8v – 16v (supports 2S to 4S)
    • Power Connector: 4 Pins
    • Power Consumption: 4.1W
    • Antenna Connector: 2 External MMCX Connectors
    • Video Interface: MIPI
    • SW Upgrade: Micro USB
    • Product  Configuration: Mobile App over Bluetooth

    Specifications (Receiver)

    • Dimensions: 75x115x17mm
    • Weight: 134gr
    • Input voltage: 8v – 26v (supports 2S to 6S)
    • Power Connector: DC Jack
    • Power Consumption: 3.5W
    • Antenna Connector: 5 SMA Connectors
    • Video Interface: HDMI (Type A)
    • SW Upgrade: Micro USB
    • Product  Configuration: Mobile App over Bluetooth

    Specifications (Camera)

    • Dimensions: 28x20x27mm
    • Weight: 13gr
    • Input voltage: 5v  from Transmitter
    • Power Connector: MIPI
    • Power Consumption: 1W
    • Antenna Connector: N/A
    • Video Interface: MIPI
    • SW Upgrade: Through Transmitter
    • Product  Configuration: Via On-Screen Display

    Included in this kit

    • Connex Pro Sight Video Receiver
    • Connex Pro Sight Video Transmitter
    • Connex Pro Sight Camera
    • All necessary cabling