RPAS UAV Training

We recommend "Remote Pilot Aircraft Training (RPAS)" / "UAV" / "Drone" Pilot Training Course and Certification from sub 2KG to 150KG through Victoria UAS Training in Geelong, Victoria. SpreadingWings Store Customers will get 10% discount on their online and ILT courses - you just need to show your purchase invoice .

Visit the below link for more information:

VUAS training provide a full suite of UAV training, including both theory and practical elements, to anyone looking to operate UAV's commercially. This is conducted using our dedicated training platforms in both fixed wing and multi-rotor categories. These RPAS systems have been specifically designed to give the best range of experience to new operators and allow them to safely transition into other commercial platforms.

Visit VUAS website for course information.

RPAS Manufacturers Assessment

RPAS / UAV Manufacturer's Assessment for our Customers and VUAS students / Type Training and Assessment for UOC and RPAS Pilot License.

We provide Manufacturer Assessment Certificate on DJI products purchased and built or custom built by us which is required by CASA. CASA also refers it as Type Training on the type of multicopter you want to include it under your Operator Certificate. We usually conduct the assessment in "Dandenong Police Paddocks" which is well known for testing different type of fixed wings and multicopters. We may be able to come to your known test flying area upon agreement. 

Overview of Assessment

  •  On Arrival/Pre Arrival checklist
  •  Before Power On Checklist
  •  After Power On Checklist
  •  Practical Flying Tests (GPS and ATTI)
  •  Emergency Procedure and Response Test
  •  Pre Landing Checklist
  •  Post Landing Checklist 

 Note: Allow around 2-3 hours for less than 2kg weight class assessment, 2kg-20kg around 3-5 hours.

Costs -Manufacturer Assessment Certificate

Under 2 KG - $150

Above 2kg & Under 7KG - $250

Above 7kg & Under 20kg - $350.00

Note: IF you are Victorian UAS Training institute students or have purchased your RPAS from our retail store, $50 will be waived off from the fee.  

UAV Operator Certificate :  We can assist with your documentation for writing Flight manual required by CASA for OC. Contact sales@spreadingwings.com.au for more information. 



Email: sales@spreadingwings.com.au